Laser Treatment of Spider Veins
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Laser Treatment of Spider Veins
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Laser Treatment for Spider Veins involves a beam of laser energy to shrink spider veins.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How is the procedure performed? Laser treatment is applied to the skin over spider veins. Laser energy causes the spider veins to coagulate and shrink.

How long does the procedure take? The amount of time varies from fifteen minutes to one hour, depending on the size of the area being treated, as well as the severity of the problem. Usually, more than one treatment may be needed to achieve the desired results.

How long is the recovery time? Recovery times depend on the extent of the treatment and the individual’s capacity to heal. Some redness or purple discoloration may persist for several weeks, or longer. The redness will gradually lighten to a pink tone, and then to a lighter, more natural color.

Is Laser Treatment permanent? After treatment, the unsightly red veins are significantly diminished and the skin is returned to a more natural, uniform state. Laser removal does not deter the normal effects of aging and treatment does not prevent the occurrence of new spider veins.

Will I need Anesthesia? Treatments typically do not require sedatives, pain medications, or injections of local anesthetic.

Am I a good candidate for Laser Treatment of Spider Veins? Laser treatment is most effective for small and medium size spider veins. Large spider veins respond poorly and are best treated with sclerotherapy.

Before your procedure.

Your doctor will begin with a complete medical history and examine the affected area and may also take photos. He or she will give you specific instructions to follow, and give you instructions for pretreating your skin.

Your doctor will determine if laser treatment – or another form of removal – is right for you. This decision may depend largely on your skin type and color, since laser treatment may result in uneven skin coloration, especially in people with darker skin tones.

Be sure to tell your doctor about any allergies you have (to foods, drugs, environmental elements), if you have been exposed to significant amounts of radiation, if you have a history of unusual scarring, or if you have had cold sores around the mouth (like herpes or shingles). Also, tell your doctor if you have had previous facial surgery, if you smoke, or if you take any drugs (prescribed or not), herbal supplements or medications, including aspirin.

After your procedure.

Immediately following treatment, spider veins will be darker and more visible. You may experience some redness and swelling of the treated area, which should disappear within a few days.

Over two to six weeks, your spider veins usually fade. After each treatment, you will see a 70 to 80 percent improvement in the appearance of face spider veins and 30 to 40 percent improvement in leg spider veins.