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Robert W. Schulz, MD
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Dr. Robert Schulz

Dr. Schulz began his career with the Straub cosmetic surgery department in 1977. He holds a Doctorate in Medicine from George Washington University, he is board certified by the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and holds residencies at University of Hawaii and Cronin and Brauer Clinic. Though Dr. Schulz has been a plastic surgeon for thirty years, his professional career did not begin with medicine.

Before he found his true passion as a doctor, Bob Schulz was a professional radio and television broadcaster and communications engineer. He views communication with his patients as a critical part of his success in cosmetic surgery and the most challenging aspect of his job. An emphasis on relationship building and his ability to manage patient expectations has resulted in a large and loyal list of clients.

Whether he is performing a facelift, eyelid procedure, liposculpture or breast augmentation/reconstruction; or utilizing a soft tissue filler like RestylaneT and RadiesseT or a BotoxRx treatment, Dr. Schulz incorporates advancements in the field that make the process as stress-free as possible for his patients. By attending American Society of Plastic Surgery seminars, he constantly educates himself about these medical advancements and also teaches future doctors as a faculty member at the University of Hawaii's School of Medicine.

Dr. Schulz understands that beauty ultimately comes from good health and recognizes that we not only want to live longer, we want to sustain a higher quality of life as we age. He is currently developing plans for an Age Management Center at Straub that will offer holistic services that include medical, dietary, lifestyle and exercise evaluation, along with cosmetic procedures. Dr. Schulz also holds interest in less invasive procedures, such as improved lasers that will result in less pain and recovery time, topical compounds, and injectible soft tissue fillers to improve problem areas on the body.

During his downtime, Dr. Schulz savors the opportunity to go spear fishing and scuba diving in the clear coastal waters, just has he did as a young man in Florida. He also enjoys biking, cross training and spending time with his sons.