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Patient Testimonials

Fe Medoff
Fe shares her experience undergoing an eye lift from Straub Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Cho.
Cosmetic Breast Augmentation Patient
I had a great experience at Straub’s Plastic Surgery Center, especially with Dr. Cho and his team. Aside from an easy process regarding consultation, surgery and recovery time, the staff really makes you feel comfortable and that helps during the healing process. Dr. Cho takes his time to really answer your questions and shares his surgical process so that you enter with confidence and reassurance. I have recommended Dr. Cho and his team to all my friends and believe that I’ve made a great decision!

Dr. Cho and his team are outstanding! They have taken the time to really make this scary process easy. The extra care, understanding and check-ins via phone calls are an added bonus to the quality service they provide. I am happy with my results, I feel confident, whole and beautiful, everything that I could be with this stepping stone to my success as an individual. Thank you Dr. Cho and staff!!!!
Cosmetic Breast Augmentation Patient
I had my breast implants almost two years ago now with Dr. David Cho.  My breasts came out beautiful!  I am glad I did it because after surgery,  I felt good about myself.  Dr. Cho is truly my hero because he did such a good job with me.  Before the surgery,  Dr. Cho explained everything carefully, and after the surgery, Dr.  Cho was great with his follow-up appointments.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who is thinking of getting breast implants.  Dr. Cho will make you feel confident with his professionalism.  He will treat you like his family.  Also, his staff will make you feel welcome. Thank you again Dr. Cho and staff.
Abdominoplasty Patient
After a life long battle with obesity, I decided to have surgery to help with weight loss. It was a success. I had excess skin to my abdomen which created new problems. My surgeon referred me to Dr. Cho. From the first phone call to Dr. Cho’s office, consultation appointment, preoperative appointment, surgery, hospitalization and numerous follow up appointments were the best of care!!!! Dr. Cho, his office staff and nurses were amazing!!! I was always comfortable, felt well cared for and safe. They were always genuinely caring and concerned for my well being! I could not be happier with my fabulous results, and the level of professionalism and care I received.
Risty Davis
Abdominoplasty Patient
I would just like to express my deepest thanks and utmost appreciation to Dr. Cho and his amazing staff. Dr. Cho is more than a plastic surgeon. Dr. Cho is an amazing artist. He is blessed with the gift to see things as they could be, as opposed to the way they are. He skillfully helps patients make transformations that could improve their self esteem, self image, and overall quality of life.

In November, 2013, Dr. Cho removed excess skin from my abdominal area. HE DID AN AMAZING JOB! My scars were very small and my new belly could only have been better crafted by God.

Through this process, Dr. Cho and his staff were courteous, friendly, caring, outgoing, and provided high quality care. I really felt comfortable and I felt like family in the office. Dr. Cho and his staff maintained close contact with me, and fielded all of my questions during my recovery. The entire staff always remembered my name and showed genuine care.

I would recommend Dr. Cho and his staff to anyone looking to make any type of body transformation.
Cosmetic patient
I think and believe and have experienced and heard that Dr. David Cho is one of Honolulu's Best Plastic Surgeons.
Lanette Ames
My experience with Dr. Cho and his staff went far and beyond my expectations. He was very professional by explaining all the procedures from beginning to end. All of his staff members showed a lot of compassion to me during this difficult time. I am extremely thrilled with the end results, both emotionally and physically.
Keola Maldonado
Dr. Cho and friends, thank you for all your hard work in helping me to feel whole again.
Val Hayes
I had breast cancer surgery performed by Dr. Cho last year in 2012. Every patient having breast cancer surgery has many concerns and complex decisions to make. Dr. Cho and his staff were always professional and supportive. They’ve treated me with the utmost care from start to finish. I am forever a grateful breast cancer survivor.
Denzie H Thomas
Doctor David Cho M.D., I would like to express my deepest appreciation to you and your staff. You all have been super caring, very pleasant and attentive to my concerns. You listen and respond in a professional and yet personal manner. This means a great deal when making choices regarding treatment.

I am most appreciative for your sense of humor, bedside manner, thoroughness, and expertise. I consider myself fortunate to have a devoted health care professional who’s compassionate  and dedicated to patient(s) care and well-being. Thanks for all you have done for me.

Dr. Cho you are a good physician and person. May God bless you richly for being so good at what you do.

Robert E. Roast
I'm writing this letter to tell you about my recent surgery to remove three skin cancers, done by Doctor David Cho and nurses’ Lorna and Tessie. This surgery was done at Straub Clinic & Hospital.

I can't tell you enough how professional, friendly and helpful the doctor and his nurses were. In fact, it brought back memories of my years in the Marine Corps and the wonderful care that Navy doctors and nurses gave Marines. They made you feel like you were the only Marine they were treating. They make you feel special. Doctor Cho and his nurses gave me that same feeling. I was not just another patient. They made me feel like I was important. It just made me so comfortable.

I have been going to Straub for over twenty years and I can honestly say that Doctor Cho and his nurses, went "beyond the call of duty" in treating me.
Neck Lift - Lower Facelift patient
Dr. Cho is exceptionally professional, easy to talk with and very personable. Dr. Cho and his staff were always accessible to answer my questions. The staff was very helpful, knowledgeable and caring. I could tell they enjoyed their interactions with patients.

Dr. Cho is honest and direct, and he took the time and advised me on what would be the best look for me personally. Dr. Cho did a neck-lower face lift on me. I am glad I took his advice and could not be happier. He achieved wonderful results.

I would very highly recommend Dr. Cho to anyone who asked. He is the best!
Merri R.
Hand Surgery, Abdominoplasty, Neck Lift patient
Four years ago, I took back my life and had bariatric surgery. To date, I have lost 160 pounds. I felt great, but had so much loose skin on my neck. I hid it by wearing turtlenecks and scarves.

I met Dr. Cho in the Straub Emergency Room when I had a horrible infection in my hand from a dog bite. He operated and saved my hand and finger. The care he and his staff gave me was so remarkable, that I had him do surgery on my stomach to remove excess skin. Oh my, I got my figure back!

There was no doubt in my mind to have Dr. Cho work on the excess skin on my neck.

Dr. Cho listened to me. He was upfront about the procedure and the expected results. He was so easy to talk to and his support team was great to work with. I was nervous about having  another surgery, but felt Dr. Cho was the only doctor I could trust. His caring and sincerity gave me the confidence to go through with surgery. It was the best decision I ever made. I look like me, but even better!
D. G.
Esthetician and patient
I highly recommend Dr. Schulz. I have seen MANY of his patients. They all look NATURAL, not pulled and not full of horrible implants that make you look Plastic!!! He is CONSERVATIVE, and that is what I like. Everyone just looks refreshed and that’s how everyone wants to look! I have referred over 10 women to Dr Schulz and they are all HAPPY! Don’t go to Doctors that tell you 10 other procedures you should have, that is a warning sign. Go to Dr Schulz!

Patient Comments about Our Surgeons and Staff

Dr. Robert Schulz:

Dr. Schulz & staff very sensitive to patient's needs and well-being! He is an amazing physician. He is caring, compassionate and professional!! The nurses (Donna & Des) show sincere concern and dedication to their job and their patient. DONNA IS THE BEST nurse; she is gentle, sensitive, caring!  NINA is the best front office staff member I have ever encountered. She is thorough, knowledgeable and amazing follow-up! I have been a patient of Straub for a long time and have not always had the best experiences but as for Dr. Schulz & his staff; they are THE BEST!

Dr. Schulz is wonderful!   A real professional. The staff is always accommodating and extremely pleasing! Really great! The Nurses (Donna & Des) are Excellent. It is the cleanest & most pleasant of all the doctor's offices that I have been to in Honolulu.

Dr. Schulz office staff very professional, courteous to patients! A nice smile & greeting much appreciated. Compassionate & understanding too!!! As a patient & health care professional myself, I expect an occasional delay re: the personal time the MD is spending with his patient; as I know he will spend time with me when it is my turn too! The nursing staff worked very well with the MD, they worked well together as a team & kept me informed along the way.

Dr. Schulz made me feel comfortable & confident with his professional, courteous, compassionate approach to communication & care. Also, by sitting down in a chair during f/u visits; it lets the pt. know you're there for them not just going to run in & run out!!!

Very pleasant all around! There were no delays. In fact, I was offered an earlier time slot the day I was seen! Nurse/Assistant - A friendly and fun staff! Dr. Schulz was calming, friendly, quick and great to have treated  me! Overall Assessment I will definitely go back to see Dr. Schulz if I need further treatment.

Dr. Schulz & his entire staff are top notch & absolutely professional, while giving personalized service. Reception staff always greets you by name. Very friendly & efficient. All doctors’ offices should be this welcoming!


Dr.David Cho

Dr. Cho is an amazing doctor before & especially after my surgery. He addressed EVERY issue that I had. He returned my calls & always helped me every step. Dr. Cho had a wonderful staff from answering phones (Nina & Charlene) and  making appointments to nurses (Tessie & Lorna) welcoming you in to exam room all the way to leaving his office.

Dr. Cho is an amazing doctor before & especially after my surgery. He addressed EVERY issue that I had. He returned my calls & always helped me every step. Dr. Cho had a wonderful staff from answering phones (Nina & Charlene), making appointments to nurses (Tessie & Lorna) welcoming you in to exam room all the way to leaving his office.

Dr. Cho, & Charlene & Laurie K. were excellent. So caring. I love their office staff. I couldn't have been treated better.

Unbelievably accommodating. It was like checking into a Four Seasons hotel. Everyone was sensational - particularly Lorna. With no qualifications, the best same-day surgery ever. Fabulous!